Who Are We?

As the creators of the website "Your Whiteness is Showing," we’d like to introduce ourselves. We are Leah, Katie, Summer, and Alex. We’re seniors at Eckerd College. In addition to our role as Eastman Leaders, we’re tour guides, radio hosts, lifeguards, peer mentors, and are in campus leadership.

We created the original version of this website in the Spring of 2021. This project came out of a year's worth of learning, unlearning, research, and difficult conversations.

We created this website with very specific intentions. Before you read more, we would appreciate you first taking the time to discover these intentions. Thank you for spending time on our website.

With Compassion,

Katie Genovesi Alex Gordon Leah Totman Summer Vishnu

What Is This Website?

Our website exists to educate, challenge, and inspire. In the Spring of 2021, Eckerd College was confronting its privilege head-on. Conversations about race were at the front of many community members' minds. This website was created in response to what occurred that spring as a toolkit for individuals to tackle their own whiteness and privilege. We firmly believe that individual action and relearning can lead to community change.

This Website was Made with Very Specific Intentions

The first is to bring people into the movement for racial justice. This website can serve as a launchpad into your own conversations about what justice is and how racism and privilege are at play in your life.

The second is to provide clear definitions of what racism and whiteness are.

The third is to create a resource for people to continue learning about racial justice.

What To Know Before Continuing

Navigating conversations around race is not an easy task. Again, we set this website up with the intention to provide a toolkit for your personal exploration of whiteness and race. This website is not for every person, and may be challenging especially for those not already engaged in conversations about race. Our specific audience is the Eckerd College community, particularly those members who are hoping to enhance their understandings of race, whiteness, and privilege. You should approach this website willing to understand, learn, and challenge your existing understanding of the world.

How To Navigate This Site

We'd like to curate your experience here. To start, please go to the grounding tab where you will find resources about settling your body and dealing with discomfort. Next, we would like you to explore the central theme of this website, whiteness. Then, we ask that you examine the Indigenous land acknowledgment tab where you will find a land acknowledgment as well as resources for further education. After this, we give you an opportunity to learn about the history of segregation and oppression of Black bodies in the Eckerd community. And finally, we've provided you with tangible action steps moving forward.